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Trademark Registration In China

Eligibility for TM Registration in China

The Legal Mark: It cannot be the same or similar to the name or flag of a state or international organization. It cannot discriminate against citizenship or react to social media or advertising.

Availability Status: The CTMO official trademark database is available online and can be used to search for existing trademarks. The database covers pre-approvals, final approvals, renewals and modifications for each trademark and is available in Chinese and English.

Not Functional: China does not accept Marks that refers to the nature or model of the good or service itself - an apple selling company cannot register an apple or an apple image because generic names can be used by anyone. Also, a brand cannot sabotage competitors by invoking a technical effect, confusing consumers when choosing a product or service that sells the same or similar technical effect.

Distinctive: It should be easily distinguishable from the manufacture of other products and services.


  • Filing the application
  • Choosing the product and service subclasses
  • Registering the trademark in Chinese characters

How to choose a Chinese trademark name?

  • Literal translation
  • Phonetic translation
  • Combining a literal and phonetic translation



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